Low-code Modernization Enabler


New paradigm for Legacy Modernization! Do not code logic anymore! Draw!
As a low-code-based Java service development platform, anyone can easily and quickly develop and conduct maintenance and repair.

Low-Code based Modernization Service Builder

Visual backend Java service builder that guarantees strong development performance unlike previous development frameworks or development tools


Visual Modeling


Flowchart Method


Eclipse plugin based


Data Mashup



As a low-code-based platform, it supports visual development tools, reusability, powerful functions, and handling and reporting of various data sources.
It supports integrated development environment with Nexacro Platform and is compatible with Spring boot and eGov.

What is difingo?

C/S developer such as .NET, VB, Web & Mobile developer

Everyone's service development framework, Difingo

Service development platform

Maximizing productivity and integration throughout the Nexacro Platform-based application development process

*Addition of function and utility scalability through e-Government F/W linkage

Built-in data mashup server

Provides various legacy and DB interworking modules and data mashup function

Low-code based development tool(XUP builder)

Nexacro Platform-specific low-code application development tool provided


Main Features

Provides a differentiated coding automation development environment that automatically creates Java services just by writing SQL and enables immediate testing without building, compared to the repetitive manual coding method using the development tools of common server frameworks.

Main Features

Implement Java service for real-time data processing with SAP ERP without Java coding
(* Communication issues between UI developers and ABAP developers and maximization of Java service development productivity)


Main Features

In addition to the flowchart development method, an edit mode is provided for the flexibility of developing complex business logic that is difficult to visualize.

Provides the function of automatically outputting the developed Java service program specification and creating various formats for Java service


Configuration Comparison

Difingo and Nexacro Platform can build a service development environment with Spring F/W alone, but provide a clear advantage of reducing development productivity and development quality deviations according to developer careers, which is difficult to expect with Spring F/W alone.

FieldCompareDifingo + e-Government Frameworke-Government Framework exclusive
Development toolsDevelopment tool supportService development tool provided (X-UP Builder, Eclipse plug-in)×Using STS (Text Editor)
Support for development templates1. Automatically generate SQL processing code for each CRUD type
2. Sample support by logic processing type
Sample shape template support
Basic architecture configurationNexacro+Spring(e-Government F/W)+difingo+Multi-DBsNexacro + UIAdapter + Spring (e-Government F/W) + DB
Low Code/
No Code development
1. Automatic code generation with flow chart programming (low code)
2. Visualize processing logic
Flow chart through free Plug-in installation available
Synergy between commercial UI development tools and development productivity1. List created Java Service and retrieve I/O
2. Automatically create Bind DataSet for UI components
※ Interlocking with Nexacro Platform development tool
×Interworking with commercial UI development tools is not supported
(Requires UI Adapter interworking work for the UI)
DB service developmentDB IO editor support1. Provide DB entity (Table, Procedure, etc.) information
2. Provide parameter information assist function when writing SQL
3. Provides SQL test function
×Using STS (Text Editor)
Backend service integration function
Provides data mashup function and Mutli-DataSource transaction management function 
etcMSA architecture support1. REST API communication support
2. MSA support possible through Spring Boot compatibility
(Authentication processing is interlocked with Spring Boot’s AUTH Interceptor)
1. Extending the Spring Cloud and Spring Boot environment
(Authentication is handled in conjunction with Spring Cloud API Gateway and Spring Boot AUTH Interceptor)
2. Authentication, Authorization, and authorization settings for each user and group are provided
분야비교 항목디핑고+전자정부F/W전자정부F/W 단독
개발도구개발툴 지원여부서비스 개발도구 제공 (X-UP 빌더, 이클립스플러그인)×STS(Text Editor)사용
개발 템플릿 지원1. CRUD 유형별 SQL 처리 코드 자동 생성
2. 로직 처리 유형별 샘플 지원
샘플 형태 템플릿 지원
기본 아키텍처 구성넥사크로+Spring(전자정부F/W)+디핑고+Multi-DBs넥사크로+UIAdapter+Spring(전자정부F/W)+DB
Low Code/
No Code 개발
1. Flow Chart 방식 프로그래밍(로우코드)으로 코드 자동생성
2. 처리 로직 시각화
1. 무료 Plug In설치를 통한 흐름도 제공 가능
상용 UI개발툴과
개발생산성 시너지
1. 생성 Java Service 목록 및 I/O 검색
2. UI컴포넌트용 Bind DataSet 자동 생성
※넥사크로플랫폼 개발툴과 연동
×상용 UI개발툴과의 연동 미지원
(해당 UI에 맞는 UI Adapter 연동 작업 필요)
DB IO 에디터 지원1. DB entity(Table, Procedure 등) 정보 제공
2. SQL 작성 시 parameter 정보 assist 기능 제공
3. SQL 테스트 기능 제공
×STS(Text Editor)사용
백엔드 서비스 통합기능
Data mashup 기능 및 Mutli-DataSource transaction
관리 기능 제공
기타MSA 아키텍처 지원1. REST API 통신 지원
2. Spring Boot 호환을 통하여 MSA 지원 가능
(인증 처리는 Spring Boot의 AUTH Interceptor 연동)
1. Spring Cloud 및 Spring Boot 환경 확장
(인증 처리는 Spring Cloud API Gateway 와Spring Boot AUTH Interceptor 연동 처리)
2. Authentication, Authorization, 사용자 및 그룹별 권한 설정 제공