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(EZNGO Co., Ltd.) Privacy Policy

EZNGO Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) establishes and publishes the following privacy policy to protect its users’ personal information and promptly and appropriately handle any issues related thereto.

Article 1 (Purposes of Collection and Use of Personal Information)
The Company handles personal information for the following purposes.  The personal information being handled is not used for any other purposes except the following purposes.  Where there is a change of purpose of usage, the Company plans to undertake necessary measures such as receiving separate consents, etc.

  1. Provision of Goods or Services
    The Company handles personal information for the purposes of delivery of goods, provision of service, sending of contract/bill, provision of contents, provision of customized service, verification of identity, payment/settlement of fees, and collection of debts, etc.
  2. Handling of Complaint
    The Company handles personal information for the purposes of identity check of complainant, confirmation of complaint, contact/notice for factual investigation, and notification of outcome of handling, etc.

Article 2 (Items of Personal Information to be Collected)
The Company is handling the following items of personal information.

  1. Provision of goods or services
    Mandatory items: name, company name, phone number, and email address
    Selective items: N/A

Article 3 (Method of Collection of Personal Information)

  1. Where the user consents to the collection of personal information in the course of use of service and directly inputs the information, the personal information concerned is collected.
  2. During the process of consultation through customer inquiry, the user’s personal information can be collected through website, mail, fax, and phone, etc.
  3. Personal information can be collected in writing at offline events, etc.
  4. The Company may receive personal information from external companies or organizations that are in partnership with the Company; in such case, the partner shall obtain the users’ consents for provision of personal information.
  5. Members under 14 years old require legal representatives’ consents to use.

Article 4 (Period of Handling and Possession of Personal Information)
① The Company shall handle and possess personal information during the period of possession and usage of personal information under statutes or the period of possession and usage of personal information as consented by the users at the time of collection of personal information.
② The periods of handling and possession of personal information are as follows.

  1. Provision of goods or services: until the completion of supply of goods and services and the completion of payment/settlement of fees
    However, until the end of relevant period in each of the following cases:
    1) Records relating to labeling and advertisement and details and performance of contract, etc. under the Act on the Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.
    – Records relating to labeling and advertisement: 6 months
    – Records of contract or subscription withdrawal, settlement of payment, and supply of goods, etc.: 5 years
    – Records relating to handling of consumer complaint or dispute: 3 years
    2) Storage of materials for confirmation of communications under Article 41 of the Protection of Communications Secrets Act
    – Date and time of telecommunication of subscribers, time of commencement and conclusion, counterparty’s subscriber number, and frequency of usage: 1 year
    – Materials to trace computer communication, internet log record, and place of access: 3 months

Article 5 (Rights and Obligations of Users and Legal Representatives and Methods of Exercise)
① The users may exercise each of the following rights in relation to the protection of personal information against the Company at anytime.

  1. Request for perusal of personal information
  2. Request for correction in case there is an error, etc.
  3. Request for deletion
  4. Request for suspension of handling

Article 6 (Installation, Operation and Refusal of Personal Information Automatic Collection Device)
The Company uses the cookies that store and frequently call upon the user’s information in order to provide personalized and tailored services to each individual user.

  1. Purpose of Use of Cookie
    Provision of target marketing and personalized service through analysis of members and non-members’ frequency of access or visiting hours, etc., finding out users’ taste and interested areas and trace of trail, finding out the degree of participation and number of visits in various events, etc.
  2. Method of Refusal of Setting of Cookie
    The users may refuse the installation of cookies.  However, in case of refusal of installation of cookie, it may become difficult to use certain services that require log-in.
    (Method of setting, in case of IE) Tools in the top part of web browser > Internet Options > Privacy > Sites Block

Article 7 (Destruction of Personal Information)
① Where the personal information became unnecessary such as passing of the period of possession of personal information or the achievement of purpose of handling, etc., the Company destroys the relevant personal information within 5 days.
② Where the Company continues to preserve the personal information under other laws even though the period of possession of personal information consented by the users is passed or the purpose of handling is achieved, the relevant personal information shall be moved to a different database or preserved in a different storage place.
③ The procedure and method of destruction of personal information are as follows.

  1. Procedure for Destruction
    The Company selects the personal information for which the ground of destruction arose, and destroys the personal information after obtaining the approval of the Company’s personal information protection manager.
  2. Method of Destruction
    The Company destroys the personal information that is recorded/stored in e-file format by using a method of low-level format, etc. and the personal information that is recorded/stored in paper documents by using shredders or incineration.

Article 8 (Measures to Secure Safety of Personal Information)
The Company is undertaking the following measures in order to secure the safety of personal information.

  1. Managerial measures: establishment and implementation of internal management plan and regular staff training, etc.
  2. Technical measures: management of authority of access of the personal information handling system, etc., installation of access control system, encryption of unique identification information, etc. and installation of security program
  3. Physical measures: control of access to computer room and materials storage room, etc.

Article 9 (Person Information Protection Manager)
① ​ The Company has designated and operated the following personal information protection manager and the relevant department in order to undertake the overall responsibility for works relating to the handling of personal information and handle the users’ complaints and remedy any damages, etc. in relation to handling of personal information. ​
▶ ​Personal Information Protection Manager
Name: Yoo, Young-sun
Position: Representative Director
Phone: 070-7931-0209
Email: you@iezgno.com​​
②​ The users may inquire to the personal information protection manager and the relevant department about any questions relating to the protection of personal information, handling of complaint, and remedy of losses, etc. that arose in the course of use of the Company’s services (or businesses). The Company will reply and handle the users’ inquiries. ​

​Article 10 (Request for Perusal of Personal Information) ​
The users may request for perusal of personal information to the following department.  The Company will try so that the users’ request for perusal of personal information can be processed promptly.
▶  Department that receives / processes requests for perusal of personal information
Name of department: Business Headquarters
Responsible Person: Yoo, Young-sun
Phone: 070-7931-0209
Email: you@iezgno.com

Article 11 (Methods of Remedy of Infringement of Rights and Interests)
The users may inquire for remedy of losses and consultation, etc. regarding any infringement of personal information to the following agencies.
<The following agencies are separate agencies from the Company.  Thus, please inquire with them when you are not satisfied with the Company’s own handling of complaint or remedy of losses of personal information or require further assistance.>
▶ Personal Information Infringement Report Center (operated by the Korea Internet & Security Agency)
– Responsible work: report and application for consultation of infringement of personal information
– privacy.kisa.or.kr
– Website: privacy.kisa.or.kr
– Phone: (without area code) 118
– Address: (58324) Personal Information Infringement Report Center F3 (Bitgaram-dong 301-2) 9 Jinheung-gil, Naju, Jeonnam
▶ Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee
– Responsible work: application for mediation of personal information dispute and mediation of group dispute (civil resolution)
– Website: www.kopico.go.kr
– Phone: (without area code) 1833-6972
– Address: (03171) F4 Govt Seoul Complex 209 Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul
▶ Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, Cyber Crime Investigation: 02-3480-3573
▶ National Policy, Cyber Terror Response Center: 1566-0112

Article 12 (Amendment of Personal Information Handling Policy)
① ​This Personal Information Handling Policy shall be applicable from January 1, 2018