If you are thinking about converting, upgrading, or next generation of existing systems (MiPlatform/XPlatform)...

EZNGO’s Solution

Due to the limitations and limitations of the existing system (MiPlatform/XPlatform), the demand for conversion to a new system (nexacro platform) continues to increase, and a more systematic and efficient conversion automation total service is needed to solve this problem.

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Minimum investment, maximum effect - Conversion Automation Consulting

Compared to the existing SI development method, EZNGO’s conversion automation consulting can shorten the analysis/design and implementation period as much as possible and minimize the input cost.

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A Guide to Transformation - EZNGO Modernization Methodology

EZNGO’s modernization methodology provides various prerequisites (standardization, automatic source conversion, conversion guide training) and UI test automation so that transition developers can quickly develop transition to nexacro platform.

After ‘Code Converting’ as a detailed procedure, manual conversion work (Refactoring, Rip & Replacing) and test case-based testing are performed.

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Conversion Automation Tool - XAnalyzer, XConverter

※ XAnalyzer/XConverter is Tobesoft’s solution, providing source analysis of MiPlatform/XPlatform and conversion to nexacro platform UI source.


Business portal system reconstruction project

While maintaining the screens and functions of the existing XPlatform business portal, the transition to the nexacro platform screen (conversion) and additional development of mobile and new services improved users’ system accessibility, and solved the issues of mobilization and installation of field/sales work.