When companies that were operating certain legacies such as JSP/ASP, .NET, SAP GUI, C/S, AS/400 COBOL for a long period of time consider switching to open systems that support web and mobile, they face numerous legacy modernization issues. And now, EZNGO presents new strategies and development directions that can immediately resolve these issues.

legacy UI modernization EZNGO nexacro difingo devpack Resus
legacy UI modernization EZNGO nexacro difingo devpack Resus

Future EZNGO!

EZNGO means “stop pondering and let’s now start with what has been in our thoughts only – From now on, let’s go!”

Based on our accumulated lengthy first-hand experiences and knowledge of the difficulties faced by our clients in the field and handling of their numerous issues and requests, our name embodies our genuine hope to stand by our clients and offers our immediate assistance to resolve their issues.

EZNGO will continue to strive for endless technology development and differentiated customer service as an expert interface player, improving tasks and UI experiences of developers and users.


From now on, Let’s go!


We offer all interface experiences to meet the world.


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