Prerequisites for UI Conversion

These days, web developers need learning and development experience on various javascript UI frameworks such as AngularJS, jQuery, NodeJs as well as server frameworks such as struts, spring, hibernate, e-government standard framework. The web transition to the time-based business system, which has not been converted to various issues such as performance and functions, is becoming more natural now, and it is also necessary to review the application of the latest UI technology in order to meet the increasing user’s eye level.

Whether you are a beginner developer who is not familiar with java or SQL, or if you are an experienced developer with no UI development experience, such as AngularJS,
After this, the development framework expects the development quality of average quality level even in the short term. In particular, the enterprise development framework has been reviewed and applied more and more in order to minimize variations in productivity and quality of development output due to the developer’s development work experience or the development experience and related development technology experience. I’m going.

Beginner Developer

  • Opportunities for Companies to Reduce Workforce (Developer) Costs
  • Developers get involved in business projects and growth opportunities
Advanced Developer
  • Opportunities for companies to reduce trial and error costs by utilizing business and IT know-how
  • Developers have the opportunity to understand the new technology environment and technology transformation
The company’s development framework is designed to be a standardized and internalized technology environment that assumes efficiency and flexibility in consideration of the company’s size, business characteristics, future business strategy, etc. It will be managed continuously. However, sometimes the result of development standard work that is progressed along with the development of the development framework is misused as a means of regulation and control on the development itself under the name “standard”. It is unfortunate that there is a distraction.
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The development framework can be divided into three aspects and is selected and combined in consideration of the business characteristics of the company.

1) In terms of functional (development language)
Although it is possible to distinguish between a server framework (Java framework) and a UI framework (javascript framework), both a server framework and a UI framework are required to develop a real web application program.

2) In terms of management
Open source vs. enterprise members need to upgrade themselves on an ongoing basis. Commercial solutions that require deployment and upgrade costs

3) In terms of development tools
Text and template based editor style vs. It can be classified as a graphical development tool.

Prior to selecting a specific development framework or combining several development frameworks, a company should refer to the implications and considerations derived from the analysis results of the application case of the e-government standard framework, which has been used in the construction of a system of work systems of various government agencies. In the case of a web development framework considering at least a medium-sized enterprise’s backbone business system environment, it is necessary to select a development framework considering the following.
  • Considering the method for screen and data processing between UI framework and server framework
  • Many cases of using commercial UI framework to accommodate business functions and user (commercial) needs
  • Need to consider framework linkage function for internal / external interface and integration processing other than DB
  • Providing a separate e-government framework for mobile


legacy UI modernization EZNGO nexacro difingo devpack Resus

  • Server-side development framework (Spring) mainly focused on DB service development productivity
  • Client-side development framework (AngulaJS) based on UI libraries and templates
  • Development and test environment based on separate text editors


  • Various internal and external interface service development tools such as SAP, EAI, WebService as well as DB service
  • UI integrated development tool such as Web, Mobile, Hybrid Mobile
  • Interconnected graphical development and test environment
Integrate the overall end (front-end) to end (back-end) instead of the current development framework, which requires a combination of development frameworks for each of the front-end side and server (back-end side). If the E2E Integrated Development Environment (IDE) can be provided to SI developers and corporate project sites, it can be expected to introduce various effects such as development productivity, quality improvement and IT manpower development compared to the existing development framework.
legacy UI modernization EZNGO nexacro difingo devpack Resus