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about EZNGO

Future EZNGO!

When companies that were operating certain legacies such as IBM i (AS/400), SAP GUI or 4GL program for a long period of time consider switching to open systems that support web and mobile, they face numerous legacy modernization issues. And now, EZNGO presents new strategies and methodologies that can immediately resolve these issues.

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Legacy UI Modernization

Methodologies and solutions that can actively respond to the latest web and mobile environments while maintaining the existing infrastructure and resources

For IBM I Modernization

Develop the existing IBM i legacy system work into a new web/mobile system work

For SAP ERP Modernization

Present a development methodology from the third party perspectives for SAP expansion

UI Test Automation

Build UI Unit / Integrated Test Environments Faster and Easier to Test

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Software for Legacy Modernization


New paradigm for Legacy Modernization! Do not code logic anymore! Draw!

nexacro difingo

Korea’s number one UI/UX product, Tobesoft’s nexacro platform and EZNGO’s X-UP have met.

difingo Devpack

Standard development environment package that enables business development immediately after installation without professional staff to build a development environment